Hi, Fredericka;
Here is an 8 month old update! All is well and Thundarr is such an amazing dog. We love him to pieces. Sweet heart, smart, obedient and watches over his pack!. We will be moving soon to a larger place with an even bigger fenced dog yard!! Keeping same phone and email. I think he's around 100lbs now.
Hope you are well and ready for springtime.
Have a wonderful Easter.
Rachel P.

Hi Fredericka and Robin,
Thundarr is such s sweetheart and speedy learner. Losing some baby teeth even.
I guess he is around 55lbs, maybe 60lbs, but going to vet next week for checkup and I will have a weight then.
I hope you are all well in Ohio and staying away from COVID.
Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hello FWF. ThunThundarr is 32lbs at 10 weeks old, learning fast and growing faster. He is such a sweetheart. HappHappy October!
Rachel P