Thor C
In Memorium

Son of Maggie and Nigel


I am so sad to tell you, Maggie and Nigel’s, regal son is resting in peace.
We couldn’t figure out why he would faint after running and barking along our fence line.
He made it to his 9th birthday 3/18/2012 appearing to be fully recovered and back to a 180lbs from 160lbs.

Then Memorial day weekend he fainted for the third time ( that we know of ).
He had no appetite and was declining in health. He finally couldn’t get up, he was shutting down quickly and it was time to help him rest.

The Vet did an autopsy. He had lung cancer and only had 20% capacity in one lung. So we made the right decision to let him rest peacefully.

He was the greatest addition to our family. We are so heart broken and will never forget Thor and how we got him from a great Breeder.

Thank you for creating such a special member of our family.

Deepest regards,
Gilda I. C

From: Gilda
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009
Subject: Thor Son of Nigel and Maggie

Hi Fredricka,
Thor ( son of Maggie and Nigel) These pictures were taken a year ago. Thor was born on March 17, 2003. He has been such a joy. We just love him. Anyone who sees him can’t get over how regal and handsome he is. He is a great companion for our 8 year old son. He also enjoys laying around and snores so loud I think the paint is coming off of the walls. We love him.

I hope all is well with your Family in Ohio.