Stella P

Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009
Subject: Stella


I hope everything is well with you. I promised you pictures of Stella awhile ago, but am just now getting to it. I have told you before, but I want to let you know again what a pure joy it is to have Stella as part of our family. Every morning, she goes with me into the kids’ room to wake them up with a nose nuzzle. Our kids wake up with a smile (then a groan) each day. She is spectacular with the kids, and is a hit with all the school children. I took her to the kids’ school the other day, and she did great in the face of 7-10 kids all coming up to her at the same time, wanting to pet her. I was very proud. She knows her commands and is very obedient. The only problem we have had with her is that has a tendency to assert her dominance over unfamiliar adult dogs, which I think is more a gender issue than it is anything else. That being said, she never bites and stops immediately when I correct her.

She is protective of our home, but only if someone unfamiliar comes into the yard or someone who may pose a threat. For example, one of the neighbors had a crew painting their home, and when one of the painters came to the border of our yard, Stella let him know that he was not welcome. But, as soon as I told Stella it was ok and let the man into the yard, Stella’s tail wagged and she loved the attention. Same thing happened when a tow truck driver came onto the property. When a child or a solicitor comes into the yard or up the driveway, Stella does not bark. Its really interesting to watch her determine who is allowed to come to the house and who is a concern.

I have full body pictures on another camera, and will try to get those to you soon.