Samson 02Samson 02

Son of Sophie and Gideon II

Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Subject: Sampson Pics

This pic really give you the perspective of how big he is.
This is me and Sam.

Hope you guys are doing well.. We are doing great. Sam is excited for the warm weather and squirrels.

John and Sampson

Hi Fredericka,

I’m so sorry it has taken us so long to update you on our little boy…I’ve been having some computer issues and have not had normal access to my email, but I want to update you on Samson (born to Sophie on July 12, 2008).

Where do I begin?! He is already a ‘son’ to Jon and I! He is adjusting well to his new home. We’ve had just a few accidents since bringing him home, and the times they have happened were our fault.

His big brother and sister (Bo and Bella, 3 year old cats) are slowly warming up to him. He gets frustrated sometimes with them because they run away and he wants to play! I also believe that he feels protective over his new family already. My cats stay inside, and I never allow them to go out. Last week while Sam and I were playing outside in the backyard, something caught his attention and he was acting different. I knew that something was up just because of the way he was acting. I started following him towards the driveway and realized that Bo got loose outside (he figured out how to open the screen door). If it weren’t for Sam, I wouldn’t have known Bo was outside, and I may have gone back in without realizing it! I praised him for helping me get his big brother back inside.

We took him to the vet for a check-up and he got a clean bill of health. He was the talk of the day there! Everyone kept saying how adorable he is. We also started puppy training classes yesterday evening. He is the youngest one in the class, and the best-behaved! The instructor asked if anyone had taught their puppy to sit yet, and when I raised my hand she asked me to demonstrate. Since there were 5 other puppies there, everyone assumed he’d be too distracted to listen to me; however, he sat for me perfectly and I was so proud!

Please tell Momma Lucy that we are giving him belly rubbings on her behalf. He still requests them everyday, especially after his naps! Please thank her for doing such a good job of taking care of him!

Attached are pictures of the first week we brought him home with us, although he’s grown so much already. I will keep you posted.

Angie and Jon