Rosie J

On 12/2/2018
Good Evening Lucy and Fredericka!

Blessings from our family to yours. We just wanted to update you on our beloved Rosie, who turns 8 years old this month.

She is getting older, but is still in very good health and loves to play outside and take long naps. She is best friends with our youngest and is very protective. We adopted Leila from China in 2015 and Rosie has been protective of her since the first day they met. She lets Leila use her as a big pillow or bean bag and follows her around in case Leila drops food. Rosie still chases the occasional deer in the yard, but is content to lay in the sun on the patio most of the time. We just wanted to update you with some photos (See below) of Rosie and feel free to post them on your website!

May you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!


Becky and Dave

Hi Fredericka-

An update on Rosie: She is about 170 pounds now and in great shape. She loves to be close to us whether we are inside the home or outside. She is very protective of the kids, especially Katie our youngest. She does, however, like to pull logs out of my firewood pile and leave them all over the yard. She see these as simply sticks to chew on. She is a great dog and we love the joy she brings to our family. I’ve included an updated photo.

Becky & Dave J

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011

Hi Lucy & Fredericka!
Hope all is well at Flying Farms. Rosie is now 7 months old and was just weighed at the vet yesterday at 86 pounds. She is doing great and is a wonderful dog! She loves to sit on our laps when we sit on the floor and loves to be outside in the yard with the kids. She loves to drag firewood all over the yard and use it as a chew-toy. Apparently small sticks are just not big enough for her!. I have attached an updated photo to go with the last ones I sent you, so you can see how she has grown.

I actually have a question for you: When should we stop feeding her puppy food and transition her to adult dog food? Thanks for any help in this area.

Dave and Becky (& Clark, Charlie, Kate & Rosie)

Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hi Lucy and Fredericka!
Hope all is well at Flying Farms. Rosie is a wonderfu dog and we love her dearly! She is now 12 weeks old and weighs 35 pounds (15 pounds at 8 weeks during her 1st vet visit)! She loves playing outside and chasing the boys (Clark & Charlie) in the backyard as well as getting belly rubs when she is tired out. She is such a tender dog and we can see how the American Mastiff breed loves their family. When we are in the kitchen or watching tv in the family room, she has to be right next to you and will either lean up against you or lay her paws and face on your lap. She is eating and sleeping very well. Kate has a new best friend in Rosie and loves to spend time with her when the boys are at school. All of her vet checks have been great and she is a wonderful addtion to our family.

The other day, we met one of Rosie’s cousins at a local park here in Westerville. Sherman, a brindle male, whose owners 1st name is Dwayne, said he bought Sherman from you sometime in late 2010.

I’ve attached some current photos for you to enjoy. Thanks and God Bless!

Dave Jaeger (& Becky)

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hi Lucy and Fredericka,
Things at are house are continuing to go well. As I type this email Rosie is laying close by chewing on her toy. We went to the vet yesterday and that went very well. She agreed that Rosie looked great, gave her a heartworm pill, did a stool sample, gave us some leads on dog training classes and we are scheduled for our next appt. in a few weeks.

The kids are having a great time with her. The camped out the first night in the family room with her but after that they have left the nightime routines to us.:) Our daughter Kate has become quite the little helper with Rosie so that has been fun to watch.

Rosie has made a great addition to our family.


To: Flying W Farms, Inc.
Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011
Subject: Re: BRINDLE

Hi Lucy,
We made it home safely last night with one quick stop to potty. Rosie is doing great and is getting more comfortable each time she is awake and bonding with all of us. I added the chicken broth to her dog food tonight and wow was that a hit. 🙂 She has done all of her pottying outside so that is a huge blessing. We are expecting to continue that with regular trips outside. I’ve attached a picture of Clark & Rosie in the kitchen.

We LOVE her! Thank you, again!
We will touch base again soon I am sure.-Becky