Daughter of Dixie and Rufus

Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010
Subject: Ripley daughter of Dixie and Rufus 7/13/09

Hello ladies,

We’ve actually got around to loading the years pictures onto the computer and thought that you would like to see your girl’s progress. Ripley is 9 months old, 120 pounds and stands about 28 inches at the shoulder, is that the right size for her age? She’s also completed two 8 week training courses; but we’re holding off for the next because we still can’t seem to get her to heel. We thought it best to wait for her to mature a little more and give us some more time to work with her. Now that we have our fence and she has free roam of the yard she patrols her territory with earnest. The meter man came by one day that she was out and nearly jumped out of his skin when she gave that deep “get off my turf” bark of hers. It was amazing that she just sat there on the deck looking at him letting her size work for her rather than her bite so to speak. We told her “that will do” and she instantly laid down and rolled over on her back inviting him for a belly rub. When we take her to the park with Siana all the kids surround her while the parents are initially freaked out by such a large beast. We can’t help but laugh knowing that she’s as gentle as she is. Ripley loves all the attention and shows it. It doesn’t take any time at all before even the parents are petting her too. She’s the talk of the neighborhood and we love her dearly.

Angie E.