Born May 31, 2007

January 25, 2008

Dear Fredericka,

Hope all is going well with you and your family. I have attached some pictures of “Reggie”. Reggie was born on May 31, 2007

American Mastiffs are a wonderful breed and if I sat here and typed every wonderful moment we have had with Reggie, my e-mail will probably be over the size limit to send to you.

Reggie has been the best puppy. Potty training came very easy for him. After a couple times to the door, he knew exactly where to go when he wanted to go out. He now “tells us” when he has to go outside – he will stand in front of us and bark. He has the best personality and temperament you could ask for. Everyone loved him at puppy class. Reggie was the biggest dog there, so when he did something, everyone watched and applauded.

We took Reggie to the vet last month to have him fixed and he weighed in at 92 lbs (7 months old). We thought what a coincidence – he weighs the exact same number of the Packer player we named him after “Reggie White – #92”.

Mark and I have been extremely happy with Reggie and enjoy every moment with him!!!

We will keep in touch.

Take care,

Mark and Suzi