Raphael M

Thor passed away and this dear lady (Amy) was totally grief stricken. They got this new puppy (named Raphael after the angel Raphael) from Fredericka. Raphael is helping the family get over loosing Thor. Raphael is not yet one year old in these photos; he is huge.

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Dear Fredericka,

I finally got my kids to help me with the pictures of Raphael. He is such a great joy to me and although I miss Thor he has helped me heal tremendously. We are living in the country in now and my husband is still traveling allot. I miss him when he is gone but I still feel safe knowing that Raphael, my guardian angel is watching over all of us. I will never be able to thank you enough for him. He has been one of my greatest blessings and I send up a thank you to you every time he gets his morning hugs. Thinking of your wonderful farm with fond memories. Jim, Amy, Siobhan,Sean, Michael, Breanne, Shane, Justine, Tierney, and Jamie M.

His back is about six inches higher than our dining room table–talk about big and beautiful.