Hi Lucy and Fredericka,

Piper is doing great! I can’t believe she is already 1 ½! She is a gentle, fun loving girl who adores everyone she meets (and of course, everyone adores her) . That shy puppy has turned into an outgoing adolescent who is all wags whenever she meets new people. She is enjoying being back at the lake this spring and is having so much fun swimming, running through the shallow water (hilarious to watch) and exploring around the cottage. Her best buddy is Clementine, our English Bulldog, and Piper always greets her with wags and licks before she greets anyone else if they have been separated.

She has completed puppy class and obedience level 1 and was a star pupil. She walks beautifully on her leash and, although she loves being active, is completely content curled up on the couch with me and Clementine or sitting on the deck watching the world go by. And I should mention that Piper enjoys hundreds of hugs and kisses each day! She is irresistible!

Thanks again for this wonderful friend, Erin