In memory of a beloved family member.

Phoebe in 2010

Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Subject: Phoebe is a saint

Hello Fredericka and Lucy;

Our family here feeling the grief of losing Phoebe, very tough on the kids and us since we got Phoebe prior to kids and we always thought of her as our first born and oldest sister to the three boys.

Eric S

Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Subject: Phoebe Sprague

I Knew Phoebe was special when I first walked into the house at Flying W Farms and sat down on the floor with all the puppies. Phoebe immediately came over to me and sat on my lap, she chose us and from that point on she was a huge part of our family. I come from a large family so there are many dogs scattered around between the siblings but everyone in the family had a common saying ” I wish my dog was like Phoebe”. Everything Phoebe did was done with kindness and a gentleness the likeness that I have never seen before and I have owned many dogs. She showed so much love for us it brought us as a family closer together. Phoebe was truly a gift from God and will live on in our hearts forever. Thank you to everyone at Flying W Farms in sharing with us such a wonderful and amazing breed, The American Mastiff is truly a gift.

With all our love Eric, Jennifer, Nathan, Bradley, and Matthew.

Phoebe with Nathan October 29, 2003

Just want to let you and yours know that Phoebe has become the benchmark for which all other dogs in my family and neighborhood are measured against. She is absolutely the perfect dog. She has become so much a part of our family, we plan vacations around places that allow pets to make sure she goes with us. As you can see, she is wonderful with the kids and family. We will be talking to you soon about a second perfect pooch but we just had our second child and need a little time to adjust. Phoebe is four now and doing great. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. She makes our Ohana complete.

The Sprague family.