Otis 2

Hi Fredericka and Lucy!

I attached some (mostly recent pics of him) He is far and away the best dog Ive ever had the priveledge of taking care of and since I am not married or have kids or anything he is absolutely my VIP 🙂

Christy M and Otis


  1. The couch pic is f a few years ago w his cousin and bff Roscoe the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Roscoe is 120lbs! Shows Oties size well 🙂
  2. The car picture was YESTERDAY! We just got done at the park and were on the way to McDonalds for a rare treat
  3. The upside down in the grass pic was just a few months ago and it’s his fave thing to roll around especially upside down lol I LOVE that pic bc it’s so him!
  4. The headshot of him is one of my fave Otie pictures and so good I had to share…
  5. The bday hat pic is f last year and SO great of him I thought…

Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007
Subject: Otis…update

Hi Fredericka!
This is Christy McAuliffe and I adopted Otis, from you several years ago; I am so happy to report that he is THE MOST AMAZING dog I have ever had the privilege to have as family !!!! He has been an absolute joy and he keeps me laughing every day!

He is a perfect gentleman and when he goes to pick out his weekly treat at Petsmart the entire store comes over to talk and pet him and asks all kinds of questions about him. All of the employees always comment on his excellent behavior and manners :

We finally got out the other day for some pictures and I thought that I would send some to you guys…he looks great still with maybe just a bit more of his distinguished gray on his head…

Hope that you all are doing very well and I like the new look for your website!

Christy and Otis!