Nigel & Penny

Good-Bye to beloved Nora

Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Subject: Nora

Dear Fredericka:

Just wanted to drop you a short note to inform you that we had say goodbye to  Our Beautiful “NORA”  on 5/11/09.  Her parents were Penny & Nigel;   We Miss Her So Much!!!  Like us, everyone that got to know her is heartbroken!!!   I have enclosed a couple of pictures one of NORA and one of NORA and her younger English sister Tess; you would guess that they were litter mates and not three years apart. She would have been a wonderful mother.

NORA was the Best dog we have ever owned and that is saying something as we have owned some wonderful dogs.  She stole our hearts!!!!!

Best wishes to you and your family.

Rick-Martha-Will-Allie & Rob


Dear Fredericka:
I doesn’t seem like we should be coming up on Nora’s first birthday but we are. Her parents are Penny & Nigel and she was born on Nov. 11, 2003. As I mentioned before it only seems like yesterday that I had her in a carry on bag on the flight back to Maine. Nora is a wonderful dog, and is everything we had hoped for in another dog. She and her much older sister (Hooch) get along great, they both look forward with great anticipation to their daily walks in the woods. Hooch strolls along while Nora bounds like a deer, which is why we now stay close to the house and she wears her orange hunting coat. As we mentioned in our earlier email we where not allowing Nora on the furniture. AS YOU CAN SEE! we lost, she won. As you Obviously know and all the owners of these great dogs know, they are almost human like in their affection and devotion. Thanks again for breeding these gentle giants. If we can remember we will send you some more hot pepper jelly for Christmas.

Best to everyone at Flying W.
Rick, Martha & family.