Nala 02Nala 02

Daughter of Sara and Ben DOB: June of 2006

Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2008
Subject: Nala Pictures

Hi Fredericka,

We got Nala (parents Sara and Ben) in June of 2006. Sorry it’s been long, but life has kept us busy. We had sent some photos awhile back but we think they were part of the large group that was lost. Since she has come home we’ve taken her boating, to the beach, on picnics, and swimming. The first time we took her swimming she was a bit apprehensive and climbed right up onto my shoulders and on top of my head in order to get out of the water. She does love the winter though, she can’t get enough snow to eat!

She is a great member of our family and our two children absolutely love her. Our son uses her as his own personal pillow. She is part of their bedtime routine and will always come up to say goodnight to them and will then hang out outside their doors to make sure they are ok. Her most favorite thing to do is go and pick up our daughter at the bus stop when she comes home from school.

She is now almost 2 years old and the last time we weighed her she was 155lbs although that was some time ago and she gotta be pushing 170 by now.

We hope things are well with you. We are sending you a couple pictures, including this year’s xmas card.

Cindy and Jason