Mr Bodacious (Bodie)

Father Nigel Mother Buttercup Born June 7th 2006

Dear Frederika,

Just wanted to give you another update on Bodacious (Bodie)  He is getting bigger every day!!!! He is such a lover boy!! I think he looks just like his dad Nigel. He is soooo… handsome; He is 5 months old now and we got him fixed a few weeks ago. He did great!!!  I must confess that I want another one. I love the look of Brego which is Nigel’s son also right? He is soo.. handsome. I’ll never forget when I came up how handsome and big he was. How is Buttercup doing? I would love to have a picture of her sometime to put in my files so that I can show everyone Bodie’s Momma. You give her another hug for me and tell her thanks so much for giving me such a handsome boy!!! Our whole family loves him!!! We are taking him and Bella the Bullmastiff in the pics to obedience school. Since they are both momma’s babies they tend to only want me across the room instead of dad. I do spoil them all day long since I’m at home with the Daycare. My office is in the house and I just can’t resist giving them lots of hugs and kisses. They are very funny at school. The teacher just laughs when Bodie whines for me across the room. Then when I have Bodie, Bella whines on the other side. Bodie is very smart!!!! He is a very quick learner and loves to get rewards for his training. You were right Fredericka he is going to get very big!!! He is still gaining a pound a day and is eating his Nutramax large breed puppy food very well!!! I hope everything is going well with you and your family. I also hope you enjoy these pics. Have a great Holiday Season and please keep in touch!!

Thank you so much Flying Farms!!!


Joplin MO.   

Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 12:03 AM

Dear Fredericka,

Just got a chance to sit down and send you an update.  Mr. Bodacious (Bodie) is doing fine. . He had to stay on the medicine for quite a bit.He and Bella and Speckles and sometimes even a child or a cat will also sleep with us. He loves the kids! Training *Obedience* went well but I still don’t treat him like a dog. He is still our couch potato and bed hog!! He moans and groans if he doesn’t get all the attention!! I need to start taking him around the neighborhood for walks so he can get to know everyone.  We have a Brand New Puppy “Car Wash” is what I call it in town. We can go and bathe our HUGE DOGS more easily!. I can’t wait to go! They have a high tec system!  Hope you get this cute picture taken 3 mo. ago. It’s hard to believe his birthday is coming up very soon. June 7th. People can’t believe how big he is when they come in. The vet told me he didn’t want to see him get any bigger. I just laughed when I walked away. Every time I brought him back in he gained 10-15 lbs. He is already above my husbands head when he stands! He loves to give hugs to his Dad.

Take care,