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Miles female Angel x Ralph
Moss male Angel x George

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Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009
Subject: Sommerville Pups

Hello Fredericka,

I trust you are well. Here are a few recent pictures of the Sommerville pups, Moss and Maddie. They are thick as thieves and best of friends.

I think Maddie will out grow Moss. She is already as tall as he and her paws are MUCH bigger. She is a sweet & funny girl and a bit destructive in the teething dept. She has many chew toys and she prefers the corners of stairs, window sills and outdoor wooden furniture. I think we are past the worst, thank goodness. Miles nor Moss were chewers so this has been a lesson. She came through her spade surgery with flying colors, never skipping a beat.

Moss is my faithful protector and shadow. Where ever I go, he goes. His love of car rides has transferred to Maddie so when they hear my car keys, it’s a race for the car.

My best to you all!


Elizabeth DeRamus Sommerville

Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009
Subject: Moss 4th Birthday


I forgot to send these of Moss’s Birthday. Moss born to Angel and George, April 27th, 2005

Happy memorial day!

Take Care,


Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Subject: The pups-Recent Pics

Hello Fredericka,

Thought I would share some recent pics of the pups. Maddie is up to 91 pounds. She loves the water, riding in the car and her big brother, Moss.

They are truly delightful dogs!!

Hope you all are well!

Most Sincerely,


Goodbye to Miles

Our Flying W Farms family wants to express our deep and heartfelt sympathy in this family’s time of grief.

It is truly very very hard to
say goodbye to our beloved dogs; I personally was so touched by the way Moss was trying to comfort Miles in these photos.

What a good boy you are, Moss. So much like your daddy, my big George. George is nine years old and still doing very well, for
which I am so very grateful.

Love to all,

“I am here Miles”

Hello friends and family,
Yesterday we had to let our girl, Miles, go. This past weekend Miles took a bad turn while we were at the farm. Her nose started bleeding Saturday @ 2:00 and did not stop until 9 or 10:00 that night. William had to deal with it mostly because I got queasy and about passed out. Had to lay down a few times. It was not a gusher, just off and on. To say the least, it was a VERY emotional day and night for both of us. We got her back on her meds (prednisone x 2 a day to help stop the bleeding) and the vet prescribed her Valium Sunday to help keep her blood pressure down in case she started to bleed again. She was breathing and panting hard due to the cancer and prednisone and each day became increasingly worse. We sadly knew the time had come and had made plans to say good bye today. I took her to the vet yesterday to say good bye to everyone at Riverview, because they have taken such good care of her for her for her life with us and they love her as much as we did, and take a platter of sweets from Miles for everyone. Dr. Amy noticed her belly was swollen, which meant she was bleeding internally. We all knew the time had come quicker than we would have liked. Her nose started bleeding again yesterday on the way back from the vet, so I called Dr. Amy and pushed the plans for the transition for yesterday. I got home with her and gave her 2 valium, I took 1/2 zanax and laid in the bedroom floor with her and Moss and cried until I thought I couldn’t anymore. I had to do something, so I got out the camera. I think I took 350 pictures in 2 hours. I know, kinda morbid and I had to do something while I stared at her. Kept me from crying the whole time. Our fabulous Dr. Amy and a vet tech came to the house at 6:45 and Miles went peacefully and quickly at home with William and I holding her and brother (our son) close by. After the sedative she started snoring very loudly in true Miles fashion. We all had to smile. She was a Wonderful pet and friend and we owed it to her to not let her suffer and let her go quickly and peacefully with no more pain. We will spread her ashes at the farm in the pond, her favorite place!! Now I have 2 angels watching over me, Aunt Katherine and Miles. William and I miss her already and Moss is a bit confused. He is hanging closer to me than ever, if that’s possible. Thanks for all your love and caring during this time and reading my therapy session. William and I are going to have a Miles celebration tonight and a quiet football weekend at home.

Love and Hugs,

Elizabeth DeRamus Sommervile with her two American Mastiffs Mile (female on left) & Moss (male on right)
Elizabeth DeRamus Sommerville, dogs and family
Elizabeth DeRamus Sommerville, with both dogs,
extended family and Blue Heeler
MILES in the snow
female American Mastiff