Moses KG

Dear Bob and Fredericka,

I am writing to thank you for our magnificent Moses, whom we adopted from you in August, 2011 and who left us last month. He was the light of our lives, a gentle hero who was loved by everyone who crossed his path. His absence from our lives is heartbreaking, yet he is at peace and we are grateful for what he brought to our lives and the lives of everyone who met him and knew him.

We know he will never be replaced in our hearts, but he was such a happy soul, and the hole in our lives is so huge from his absence, that we would like to adopt another of your remarkable Mastiff puppies. We are still in the Boston area, though we moved in 2016 to a place with a gated property that gave Moses the option of being outside whenever he wanted; making friends with bunnies and birds and honing his soccer skills (he was a formidable guard).

Would you be so kind as to add us to your list? We would love to know if you are anticipating any litters and how long your waiting list might be.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have Moses in our lives, and in the lives of our friends and family. We look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea K. and Eric G.

Photos: 3 years old; watching a storm approach
8 years
Morning routine: helping me start the work day, 9 years