Moose O

Subject: Moose made it Home!
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012
From: Tomas O

Lucy and Fredericka,
It was a pleasure to finally meet both of you on Saturday. We had so much fun coming out to your farm for our visit and really enjoyed all of the dogs. We made it home last night around 8:00pm. The drive home was pretty uneventful and everyone got plenty of sleep except for Dad….

The First night with us was spent in a motel in Indiana and we were so impressed by Moose’s calm gentle demeanor….he did not whine or whelp at all. If he does it is usually because he is thirsty, hot, or has to go to the bathroom on the ride home. He likes sleeping against the wall and in fact he just got up off his bed and went over to the corner in the leaving room and laid down against the wall.

Bruiser was so happy to meet Moose and he seemed like he was happy to have another dog in the house again. Bruiser leads Moose around the house and out to the back yard to do their business. Bruiser is teaching him the ropes of the house and they are getting along very well. Moose just wants to play all the time and bite everything…we are working through this with his chew toys.

We have attached some photos of the ride home and hope you enjoy them.