Molly H.

Daughter of Buttercup II and Duke II

From: Kelley H
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Subject: Molly

Thought you might want to see how your girl is growing. She is such a great dog–everything we wanted. While we were in puppy class last week, a customer wanted to know if she was up for adoption and our teacher quickly told them no but if she were, she’d already have her. They do learn quickly. She listens to us so well but she forgets herself when kids are around and refuses to come back until she’s said hello to the children. The three year old from next door knocks on our door to let us know that Molly wants to come visit her. She is so gentle with the children despite being only 4.5 months old. Thank you so much for our beautiful girl.

Kelley H