I cannot express to you what this dog means to our family. As I had explained when we picked her up in October, I was not a dog person. My husband was the one who loves dogs. She has quickly changed my mind and I cannot imagine living life without an American Mastiff. Her name is the first thing said each morning after my toddler wakes up and then the two are inseparable. It is nearly impossible to get a photo of her without him. People cross the stores to come and visit her because she is so beautiful and has such a great personality. I have joined a Facebook page for American Mastiff owners and you and a breeder in Deep Woods seem to be the most highly regarded. I never thought checking that page would be one of the highlights of my day but being her mom is so wonderful. We cannot thank you enough and my husband and I have discussed getting another one from you at some point before Minnie gets too old to hang around a puppy. She is very loved!

Kristen B.