To: Flying W Farms
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lucy and Fredericka,

    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you before now. The first two days she hardly made a peep or left my side.  Now she’s off exploring and I have to go looking for her to make sure she’s staying out of trouble.  She’s only had 3 accidents in the house, two of which were more my fault than hers (I should have been watching better) but she usually just goes to the patio door and whines until I take her outside.  She sleeps about 5 hours at night and wakes me up way too early but its worth it.  I cant believe how big shes getting or how much she eats/drinks.  I took her to the vet the day after I picked her up and the vet called in at least 3 other vets and 10 other workers to see the American Mastiff.  She has heard of them but they have never had one there.  They were all so impressed with her calm, laid back attitude. and here’s the best part for you…they were EXTREMELY impressed with you as breeders.  They said you have done an incredibly meticulous job of taking care of every detail.  They were all so excited to see what she will look like when shes full grown…but Im enjoying the puppy side and Im in no rush for her to grow up.  I named her Maize which is the color of my favorite football team but everyone keeps calling her Maisy so thats become her name…Crazy Maisy, Maisy Daisy, or Lazy Maisy…shes heard them all.  I am so happy to have her and aside from me getting very little sleep… all is well. Attached is a picture of Maisy with my nephew Logan.  She just loves to sit with him. I’ll keep you updated. Joe  and Maisy