Maggie B

Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Subject: Maggie B


Attached please find the receipt from our vet indicating that we had our Mastiff, Maggie, spayed in July of last year. Maggie is the Mastiff puppy purchased by my wife, Deborah , from you in January 2007, at the same time her sisters, Dee Dee and Michelle also purchased puppies (Georgie and Payton, respectively).

I have also included some pictures of Maggie at various ages. She is a beautiful, friendly dog, though because of her size (we think she’s about 150 lbs. now) she can be a bit intimidating to people who don’t know what a sweet temper she has. In some of the pictures she is with our 9-year old golden retriever, Sammy. We love her a lot and are very happy with her.

David B