Jazz X George

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From: “Candace”
Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2003 1:40 PM
Subject: a couple more pics of the girls

One of Lucy with her Shih Tzu friend, Bailey and one of my two being sweet with each other πŸ™‚

Hi Fredericka!

Thanks as always for your friendship and support! Oh, and I’m not sure why more people don’t get out and live their dreams, but for me I think it had a LOT to do with being able to be less fearful by just turning the outcome over to the Lord Jesus. I believe that “courage” is what happens when love reaches out and transforms fear, and to me that’s what God is all about. With enough faith, much can be accomplished, wouldn’t you agree? I bet you would! Enjoy the pics and God’s blessings to you in abundance πŸ™‚ Love, Candy

*note from Fredericka, these are photos of C.Ware’s two Flying W Farms American Mastiffs, Maddie and Lucy. Candace Ware left a very well paid full time job, stepped out in faith and developed her own business all revolving around dogs. Now she is much sought after as a consultant and trainer.

Hi, Fredericka!! (April 24, 2003)
Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Got this cute picture of my two girls yesterday and had to send it along. Lucy is doing wonderfully and she and Maddie are so sweet with each other it’d bring a tear to your eye. Lucy was from the 8/8 litter, Jazz and George were her parents. She is already 125 pounds. There’s a good chance she’ll be larger than Maddie, who at 165 lbs (2 years old in 3 days) is pretty darn big. The attraction factor for the Critter Rescue store has more than doubled. Many, many visitors come just to see them. The other shopkeepers love it, and the guy who owns the building has offered me training space downstairs. So I’ll be moving my training business there and will also do retail dog supplies and have a do-it-yourself dog wash πŸ™‚ And, since it’s in the same building as Critter, I can keep doing that too. In January I was appointed director of Critter Rescue and can finally run it the way I was wanting to. So life is fun for all of us. I hope all is well for you too. I think of you often. Don’t be surprised if sometime in the future I ask to get back on the list… for a fawn boy this time, I think πŸ™‚ These dogs of yours are addicting! God bless you, Miss Fredericka, and all my best to Bob and Robin and all the dogs. Well, gonna go get the girls some supper. Be well and write if you have time.

Candy, Lucy, Madeline, and of course Moxie the cat