Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2011
Subject: update

Hi Mama Lucy,

Just wanted to let you know how well Maddux is doing. He is simply the most well-adjusted puppy I’ve ever seen. He never missed a beat in the transition from the farm to our house. He took everything in stride and is the joy of our lives. He’s been with us for five weeks now. He is at a healthy 35 pounds, house trained (very quickly really), and leash training is going well. He starts class with a professional trainer tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll be a star.

I have been socializing him with “safe” animals: my sisters yappy dogs (2 Yorkies and a toy French Poodle), my next door neighbor’s Lab, and my best friend’s Lab, and the Bischon Frise’ across the street. He is doing well with all shapes and sizes and doesn’t appear too dominant or submissive. He loves walks (very short ones since it is so hot) and his most fun is playing in the water hose in the backyard! He LOVES it and will insist I spray him if I’m watering plants or filling the birdbath. So, everyday, we have water fun. Our favorite restaurant is an outdoor Irish pub patio area. They love Maddux! We bring his blanket and toys and everyone comes up to say HI. The waitresses just adore him and bring him pitchers of fresh ice water for his bowl.

I just wanted you to know how awesome I think he is. We are both so happy with Maddux and are discussing getting him a sister next spring or so. Hope all is well there at the Farm. Thanks again for raising such a great guy. He’s in loving hands. We’ll keep you up to date.  Scott & Anna