Lucy Carlos
Sending you our prayers

Rachael and Brego Born 2/20/07

Anyone who reads this to please pray for Shelly
Thank you, Fredericka


Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Subject: Shelly


Don’t ever think that you are bothering me at all. I look forward to hearing from you every now and then. Shelly is not doing well and she is now on strong pain killers around the clock to ease the bone pain. We are in the process of placing into hospice care but we are sort of stuck in a pickle because hospice will not take her until she stops all of her treatments and Shelly is still wanting to keep going until her Jan. 16 brain MRI and neurologist appt. At that time she will make the decision to stop treatments and begin hospice. Her doctor told us 2 weeks ago that once she stops chemo it would only be a matter of a few weeks for her. This past month has been harder than ever. I have to at least give her this hope and wish of waiting although it kills me to see her in pain. The pain killers will only hasten her death and bring it on quicker the neurologist told us thus the catch 22 position. She has shown me throughout this whole 7 year ordeal how someone can face a terminal disease like this yet keep their dignity and hopes up.

Lucy, our dog, is doing well. She takes incredible care of Shelly and visitors are amazed how Lucy gets between Shelly and them whenever someone approaches Shelly. Lucy is actually quite chicken but she puts up a heck of a show of bravery and fierceness. When I’m not here she gets up onto the bed with Shelly and sleeps by her feet but when I’m here she just walks up to the bedside and starts crying for me to ask her to join us because when I’m here she will not come up unless I tell her to. My daughters absolutely love Lucy and she is like a sister to them. They take her for drives around the street in our golf cart.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. All I ask of anyone when I am constantly asked if there is anything they could do for us I tell them to now just please pray for peace for comfort for Shelly and the girls. That is by far the hardest part of this ordeal for me – the pain that I know my daughters are going to experience and that there is no way for me to take that pain away.

Send my best to your husband and Lucy – your friend


Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008

Hi Fredericka – Shelly has been so-so. Her last brain MRI came back considerably worse and the neurologist told us that she should consider going onto Hospice and stopping treatment so she can have a few months without all of the chemo side effects but she chose to continue fighting so he has her on some different chemos now. She is on 5 different chemos now and he basically told her that she has been a guinea pig for the last 18 months or so. This past Nov. 9th marked her 3rd year since she began the chemos and radiations from the return of the cancer. He said that her prognosis at that time was only about 6 months but she showed them and she is now going on her 37th month. She spends most of her time in bed though. It has really taken its toll on her. So she began the new treatments and when he repeated the brain MRI again last week it showed some stability so the doctor told her to continue on with it and he actually teared up which he said had never happened before. I got goose bumps at his office last week.

Lucy, is really a centerpiece to our house. She is such a loving dog with us and especially the girls. The girls are getting bigger by the day – Sophia just turned 9 and Vanessa turned 11 this past August. Vanessa is such a help to me. She is mature way beyond her 11 years and we have been blessed to have my Mom here with us. My dad passed away last year June (2007) so I built my mom a in-law suite behind my house so she has her own kitchen, garage, 2 bedrooms and bath and that way she has her own privacy to come and go as she pleases yet she is close to us. She is very close to my 2 girls. The girls on a Friday or Saturday night will actually grab their pillows and blankets and just walk across the pool deck to mom’s and spend the night over there with her. Lucy loves to just hang out with them outside and chase birds. We have about 3 acres so there is some running space for her; Lucy will jump into bed with Shelly when I am not around but as soon as I walk into the room she will get down right away because I don’t let her up unless I invite her. Then when I lay down she will come up to my side of the bed and just look at me waiting for me to invite her. She is SO smart and SO easy to train. She has learned so much without me even trying to teach her. For example after her breakfast she will go right to the door when I say “let’s get the newspaper” and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is because when the girls or I say that sentence she will go right to the front door and wait for us. The girls always take her down the front driveway to get the mail, trash, etc. She just trots right next to them and has never wanted to run away or anything like that. I figure that if some weirdo thinks about doing something to the girls they will rethink it once they see Lucy. She puts on quite a show with her hair standing and her deep bark whenever some unknown to her comes into the house/lot. Especially with the girls or Shelly. She will get right between the girls/Shelly and the stranger.

Well that’s enough – I have to put the girls to sleep.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.


Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Subject: Shelly

Fredericka – Shelly is doing ok. She had chemo again today but overall other than the extreme fatigue she is doing well. We are very much looking into moving into our new home this week. It had been put on hold for several years due to Shelly’s first diagnosis 5 years ago and then again when the cancer came back but we said enough waiting and moved forward.

Lucy is almost 10 months now and she is weighing about 120 lbs. We, actually Shelly, was getting second thoughts about Lucy several months ago because she had become such a rambunctious “teenager”. Shelly and the girls could not hold her on the leach if she saw a bird, cat, or another dog because she would just take off after them. I had no problem with her but I finally broke down and admitted defeat to my ego and we hired a professional dog trainer that came out to our house for several classes. We are actually still a little more than half way past with the classes and Lucy is doing AWESOME!!! Our trainer has 11 dogs of his own and one is a bull Mastiff. He has done incredible things with us. It really is us, the owners, that need the classes. He has told us on many occasions that Lucy is just doing what is natural to her and that is pleasing us. Just like any child a dog needs to be educated and we are the teachers! Now Lucy can be walked by any of us at anytime with any distraction around and she obeys our commands at all times. We are SO SO glad to have gotten her. Shelly has bonded with her more than what I ever thought; Since Shelly spends a great deal of time in bed most mornings once I leave for work or for whatever I am doing around the house Lucy jumps up into bed and literally lays at least one paw if not half of her body on TOP of Shelly and will sleep like that for hours. She has spent 4 to 5 hours sleeping with Shelly right after she just slept all night right next to Shelly’s side of the bed. I take her out to do her business and she comes right in and will jump up and sleep some more with her.

My daughters have bonded very well with her. She is so loving with them. Our older Llahso Ahpso is going on 14+ years and he has recently lost his hearing. He has been a great companion to us even before we had kids and all during our daughters lives. Having gotten Lucy I think will soften the blow to my little girls once it is Gordy’s time to pass on. They realize that we have a life cycle and that we will all reach the end on this earth sooner or later and then move onto to eternal life. Shelly and I talk often to our friends when they ask us on how we got Lucy about the two of you and your wonderful farm. I wish you all a safe and joyous holiday season. I am sending a picture. This is this year’s Christmas card that we sent to friends and family. Sincerly, Carlos

Wishing you the best,

To: Flying W Farms
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fredericka – sorry it has taken so long to get back with you. the girls began soccer and I am involved in coaching both of them so extra time has been scarce.
My wife, Shelly is doing o.k. the cancer has spread around to more areas of the bone and it now appears to be in the kidney and liver as well. she is tough though and even participated in a fashion show fundraiser for Cancer Center held here in a local mall.

Lucy is very affectionate and sweet with the girls . She has also proven to me to be very protective of them. she barked and the hair on her back went up when my uncle, who Lucy had not seen before, came over and was horsing around with Sophia, my youngest. Lucy proved to us that she owns these girls now – we were very proud of her. At least I can also feel more comfortable when the girls are walking her around the block; I know no one will try to approach them when they see the big dog . I have attached some pics for you as well. her spay surgery went well. She is about 8 mos and 1 week and is weighing in around 102 to 105# right now. She sits on command and comes when called. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. We will send pics as Lucy grows. thanks,

the girls love seeing their photos and Lucy on site; Carlos

Lucy with Carlos 11.5 weeks
Lucy and the girls 8.5 weeks old

From: Carlos and family
To: ‘Flying W Farms’
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello Fredericka –

Lucy, the puppy, is doing great. She is very well adjusted here. She loves the girls and Gordy, our 13 year old Llasa Ahpso. I am sending some pics and will send more soon.