Louis and VuittonLouis & Vuitton

Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008
Subject: another photo of Louis and Vuitto

Hi Ms. Fredericka,
I Just found this Photo of the girls, Louis is on the left, and Vuitton on the right. They are quite funny, they sit on that little slope, like the lion cubs on pride rock just like the disney film “Lion King”.

Take care, have a good night.
Best wishes – Caroleann xx

Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008
Subject: Louis & Vuitton 4 months

Dear Ms. Fredericka,

I thought I would send you a little update on our girls now that they are just over 4 months old. Louis is getting very big, she is around 90lbs at the moment – we weighed the girls a couple of weeks ago, and that was her weight. Vuitton, is also doing well, she is only 7lbs behind her sister. She still has a thinner stature, but she stands a little taller than her sister. I have attached some photographs of them.

From what I remember, Louis looks like her Dad Duke, and Vuitton looks like her mum Sarah and Duke, its funny as I can see both of them in her. I must say that they are exceptionally good, especially with the children. Our son – the youngest of the family, routinely goes for his afternoon nap on one of the dog beds, once there fast asleep the pups, go over to him and lie next to him ever so still. They don’t move until he wakes up. It is, so very cute

The girls go to get spayed on 8th December, therefore I shall send you an email then to let you know how they are doing.

Take care, speak you soon,


To: Flying W Farms
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi Fredericka,

the Puppies are well, I do think they have grown even in such a short period. Friends of ours came over to see them when they were out for a walk, as they also saw them when we arrived back home on Wednesday, they also said that they thought they looked bigger!

The girls have taken to walking with their collars and leads, no problems what so ever – however that being said when they are settling down on their beds, they try to chew each others collar. I am now having to stop them from rough playing, which they like to do in the grass when out for walks, as I think it is to rough.

the funny thing that people comment on, is having to carry them up and down the deck stairs, they are so good, that they know that they have to wait either at the bottom or the top while I take the other up or down. Thank goodness there is only 6 small stairs otherwise I would be in big trouble.

I have attached a photo of the girls wrapped in some towels, they had been in a bath – they looked so cute.

thank you for checking in on us, speak to you soon, take care.