Fredericka and Lucy,
Lola is wonderful! She is the most amazing dog, and has such a great temperament and personality! We have started taking her to obedience classes, and after the second one the trainer wanted to move her up a class because she is so smart and catches on so fast. While the rest of the dogs were barking and whining, Lola, all 4+ feet of her, was stretched out on the floor trying to get her tummy rubbed and looking at the other dogs like, “what’s the big deal”? She continues to be amazing with our three year old daughter, and they thoroughly enjoy playing together. Lola is very concerned whenever Lina is not in the house, and will go searching for her, it is adorable! Also, she likes to attack the hair dryer and try to save me from it, which is equally adorable. We love her to death! We are sending some pictures! We love her so much! When we brought her home she was 21 lbs., April 3 she was 49 lbs., April 17 she was 58 lbs., and May 8, at 5 months old, she was 70 lbs.. Again, we can not thank you all enough for creating such a wonderful breed.

Mike, Emily, and Lina