Lola M

Dear Fredericka

13 years ago I sent you an email telling you my story. My husband passed away leaving me with 3 beautiful daughters ages 6, 8 and 10. The grief and sadness was unbearable. My girls therapist and teachers recommended I get them a puppy. My husband had a friend who had an American Mastiff. He had always loved that dog and wanted one. I went on your website and there was a long wait for a puppy. After you read my email you called me to tell me you had a puppy for us. The girls and I were so excited and had something to look forward to. We came to pick her up with 12 family members. My whole family was so excited. We called her Lola. You handed her over to us and told her to take care of these girls. And that she did! She brought so much love, laughter and healing into our family. I believe she saved us. I write this with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. Lola will be going to heaven today. She lived a healthy 13 years and could not have been more loved. I wanted to say thank you. Lola has been the greatest gift the girls and I could have ever hoped for.( I attached a photo of Lola with my 3 girls.)

All the best,
Dina, Lexi, Kristin and Sammi