Lola K

Born December 7, 2010
Contessa Sue & Malachi

Hello Lucy and Fredericka –2011
Hope this update finds you well. I wanted to share a picture of my Lola that I had professionally taken this month. She is a beauty, born December 7th, 2010 of Contessa Sue and Malachi, she is the most beautiful dog I have seen. Of course I am not really objective, but those dogs at Westminster have nothing on my girl.

The consummate companion and love of my life, she has warmed the hearts of all who meet her. She so far stands 32” at the shoulder and weighs 120lbs so she is definitely a tall and lean girl. When I look at the pics of mom and dad she seems to favor dad in build and stance. But her face is all mom.

She loves her back yard, she enjoys burying her toys and treats back there only to go out a little later and find them like the treasures she thinks they are. She sits and watches the squirrels and the birds and loves cool winter sun. She likes to just sit on the back deck on the warmer days and soak it up. She loves rides in the car and walks on the trails around our home. And yes, she loves to sleep in the bed, next to me with head on the pillow. She is a great dog, not just a good dog. She is well behaved, she doesn’t chew or bark or cause me any issues that a young dog might typically do. She has the full run of the house when I am not home and nothing ever out of place. Everyone who meets her after they get over her size, comment on what a wonderful temperament she has. I can see how people want more than one of these beautiful creatures in their lives but I am content with her. She is all I hoped for when shopping for a breed. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do raising them.

Take Care and God Bless.
Lori K.

Subject: My Beauty
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011
From: Lori

I just took these today while Lola was sitting outside enjoying a fall afternoon. She is so beautiful I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks she should be shown she is so pretty J

Lori and Lola K