Suma x Sarah Born in 2008

Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010
Subject: Lincoln update

Just a quick update for Lincoln (Suma x Sarah, 2008).

Lincoln continues to be a great member of our family. He is very big: around 33″ at the shoulder and 210 lbs, at 20 months. Although he’s fit and active, he still thinks he’s a lap dog at the end of the day. In one of the pictures, he’s sitting NEXT to my 10-year-old son. In the other, he’s sitting ON my adult daughter.

A neighbor of ours, who was already a fan of American Mastiffs, met Lincoln last year and was inspired to get on your waiting list. He became an owner of an apricot female from Flying W just a few weeks ago (that’s Holly, another of Sarah’s puppies). Lincoln has played with her a couple times, and is very patient with his little sister, who climbs all over him and chews his ears with delight.

Lincoln gets lots of attention wherever we go. Last month, when Lincoln and I were buying dog food, we were practically mobbed by families and children who wanted to meet and pet him. Mastiffs are uncommon in the Carolinas, and I have come to realize that fewer still are active, healthy, and well-socialized. With his glow of health, friendly personality, and good manners, Lincoln is a great ambassador for American Mastiffs.

Lincoln is also a reliable protector of the family. He always barks and stands on guard when he hears someone coming to the door. When we open the door, he always looks first at us instead of the visitor… to see what WE think about this person… and takes his cue accordingly. Friends and pizza deliveries are welcomed warmly. When it’s an unwanted solicitation, Lincoln will sit and glare skeptically at the caller without breaking eye contact (this has immeasurably shortened many a sales call on the front porch). Last week, for the first time, he encountered a stranger he just didn’t like while I was walking with the children in the park. As the man approached us, and without being aggressive, he turned his body sideways and stood in between us and the stranger like a wall. When the stranger reached out to touch him without asking, Lincoln growled gently and pushed us all back a step, maintaining his distance and staying in between us and the man he didn’t trust. I still don’t know what he sensed from the man’s posture or smell, but it was a perfect display of non-aggressive guarding behavior. After the guy walked on, my 6-year-old daughter told me, “Lincoln wanted to keep us away from that bad man.” The kids just implicitly trusted Lincoln’s judgement, and I have to admit that I did, too.

Thanks for breeding these wonderful animals!


Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009
Subject: Some more Lincoln pictures

Hi, Fredericka:

I have a few more pictures of Lincoln at ten months old. What a beautiful dog!
In the close-up profile of his head, you can also see the American Mastiff breed characteristics. Even though he has substantial flews (just like an English Mastiff), he has a fairly dry and tight mouth. It is still surprising to me how muscular and well controlled his big lips are… you’d think that they would be slack and floppy, but the picture gives some indication of all the muscles bunched up under his jaw.

In the third picture, Lincoln is being hugged by my adult, special-needs son. Lincoln is the only dog I’ve ever met that can be hugged by a standing grown-up! Lincoln is now a week away from his first birthday, and right around 180 lbs.



Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009
Subject: Lincoln


Lincoln ( is now almost eleven months old, and just over 160 lbs. He is an indispensable member of our family.

He is a gentle and intelligent dog. During obedience training, he was bumped out of the beginner class and up to intermediate because he was learning so fast. As he closes in on his first birthday, his manners improve each week. He loves playing with our two small children and now owns “his” couch.

Wherever we go, Lincoln is a celebrity due to his giant size and cheerful demeanor. He has met hundreds of people! Even folks who are inclined to fear large dogs melt when he cups his ears and wags his whole rear end as if he was the world’s biggest goofy puppy (Hint: he is).

Comments we hear about Lincoln the most:

“Awww! Is he still a puppy?”

“That’s a beautiful dog.”

and, of course:

“How much does he eat? And how big will he get?”

I’ve considered having pamphlets made to save time.

Since I work at a relaxed software development company, Lincoln often accompanies me to work, rides the elevator like a champ, and snoozes next to my desk during the day. Only occasionally does he try to crawl into my lap. I’ve attached a few pictures, and will send more when I can.

Thanks for Lincoln!


Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Subject: Lincoln

Hi, Fredricka!

Lincoln (male puppy out of Sarah by Neil, Jr./Suma) got two big thumbs up from our vet. At 10 weeks, he weighed in at 30 lbs, an 11 pound gain in the two weeks since I picked him up. By the way, my brother, who is also a DVM and who came with me to pick up Lincoln from Flying W, was very complimentary of the care you take with your animals and the whole operation. I think he might end up on your American Mastiff waiting list sometime soon.

Lincoln has been a joy and a quick learner. He has already learned sit, come, and of course “hurry up”, and we began leash training this week. Last week, after finding that our cats didn’t run when he barked (they are very used to dogs), he carefully approached our big yellow tabby and started licking him gently. The cat wasn’t sure what to make of that, but they are are still friends. I have attached a picture of Lincoln with our children (two older and two younger) just after he came home with us.

I’ll send more photos as he continues to grow and explore. Thanks for our puppy!