Son of Kaci and Brego
Born January 11, 2008

Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
To: ‘Flying W Farms’
Subject: Update on Larry – son of Kaci and Brego

Hello Momma Lucy & Grandma Fredericka,

I hope you are all healthy and happy and life is treating you well!
I just wanted to update you on Larry. He is doing GREAT!!! He is around 70 pounds now and is beginning to loose his baby fur (awwww… he was soooo cuddly and soft). It seems to be a nice golden fawn color. It is just along his spine for now and dropping down his back like a blanket. It makes for an interesting look!

We can proudly announce that he graduated Kindergarden yesterday. (If you want to I can scan a copy and email it…. please let me know if you need that for your documents).
Ed and I are planning to enroll him and Curly into the next step of obedience classes together. That way we will all be able to do things together and the dogs are learning the same commands. Larry at this point is even more obedient on the leash than Curly, so we know that a class like that will definitely not “hurt” Curly (although he is already 6 years old).

Larry is such a gentle dog. Surely he has his puppy moments when he is getting feisty. It is always very telling when you see him suddenly “canter” away with his head and tail held high. That usually means that he found something that he should not have and is taking you on a chase. Usually he runs around our kitchen island. He is smart enough to know when I change direction and he’ll go around the other way. I swear to you he is grinning from ear to ear.

He and Curly are still getting along great and play very well together. Curly by now has realized that his little brother is going to be WAY bigger than him. It is funny…

We took Larry and Curly to Annapolis a couple of weeks ago. Larry and Curly were show stoppers. They sort of look alike, but now. Larry is so HUGE for a puppy, but then again Curly has almost the same coloring than Larry and the wrinkled forehead. It did confuse some people that Larry was still a puppy and so huge and Curly was the “old” dog and so small (48 Pounds). Annapolis has A LOT of dogs on its streets. It is also a touristy town. We thought it was a great opportunity to sozialize Larry. And boy… did he… every few steps people would stop us and ask what kind of dog he is. He had no problems with any of the dogs or people. We halted all traffic when we met two harlequin Great Danes (fully grown). Between those huge dogs (one was wearing saddlebags) and Larry being such a big puppy we had a lot of people asking questions and petting Larry. My poor Dad was supposed to tour Annapolis with us. He wandered off by himself at one point because we could not get very far without being stopped. Next time we’ll go to Annapolis we’ll bring no “tourists” and more time!

I will attach a picture of them that I took today. Such handsome boys!
Thank you again for creating such a marvelous dog!

Many hugs to all of you. We will keep you updated on Larry and his well being.

God bless,
Julia & the boys