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Fondest Memories of Cheyenne

Subject: Re: Hello Fredericka

Well we have decided on a name….Lakota we researched the name and it fits her to a T!!! She is doing wonderful. Kodiak just loves her and he has be so easy with her. She follows him in the yard and they are so cute together. Thank you so much again. I will send more photos as they come.

The Lakota people were near the Cheyenne. So we wanted something that would remind us of our Cheyenne. She is doing so great and everybody just loves her. She is learning so fast and is so sweet. Kodiak just looks so happy now. Thank you again. Tina

Dear Fredericka;

We lost our sweet Cheyenne; Our Kodiak is taking this loss very hard as our whole family is. My husband is really hit hard as she was his baby. We will never forget her we lost a dear friend and part of our family. I would like to place a request to see about getting a little girl to help all of us out and Kodiak. Let me know what you can do for us…thank you as always. Tina