In Loving Memory of  Kitty

From: Tresa
Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Subject: RE:our baby named “Kitty”

Just wanted to let you know the new puppy is doing great. Her name is Kyra. I wanted to attach a couple more pictures of Kitty for you. She is still missed so much. Kyra is so much more ornery, but she too is very well loved. She opens the doors in our house. She first figured out how to open the “lever style” handles on the french door, now she is working on the regular round door knobs. She is very active and curious. She is too smart for her own good. Upon crate training her, she would jump on her crate and sit and watch us like that was her throne. So many times we were worried she would hurt herself. I have attached a few pics for you of her as well.

Our Beloved Kitty