Knox S

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011

Fredericka and Lucy,
I hope you guys are doing well.
I just wanted to check in and let you know that Knox is doing great. Turning 6 months old this coming Friday, he’s right at 100 lbs. He loves his home and backyard as well as trips into town to various stores. He takes daily walks with our neighbor’s female Weimaraner, of whom he’s quickly out-grown. His favorite is going to the bank where he got to sit on the teller-counter at 8 weeks old and, is now, seemingly not too far from being able to look over it. Everyone who meets him just falls in love. He’s completed all of his shots. The entire vet staff always looks forward to seeing him. Their largest client is a 160 lbs. Bull Mastiff. We’re all expecting it won’t be very long before Knox takes his place. attached four pictures at various ages. We have a fairly large, fenced in back yard in which we have a large Koi pond under construction. He throughly enjoys going out after it rains (as you’ll see in the first picture) because he gets to spend 30 minutes getting cleaned up afterwards!

Thank you for everything.

Phillip S.