Nigel Bear II and Buttercup II Born 6-10-10

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Subject: Jaesi

Lucy and Fredericka,
I just wanted to give you and update on Jaesi. She is now 13 months old, weighs 118lbs. and is 31″ tall at the shoulder. She is a great dog with tons of personality. We free feed her and she eats about 7 to 8 cups a day on average. We occasionally give her table scraps but for the most part it is just the dry kibble. The food she is on is Nutro Select. She check out fine with the vet.

I am attaching some pics and please feel free to post them on your web site.

Thanks, Joe

Sent: Wed, January 26, 2011

Subject: Jaesi

Lucy and Fredericka, I am attaching some recent pics of Jaesi. She is about 7 1/2 months now. At 7 months she was 94 lbs. and 28 inches tall at the shoulder. She is still very much a puppy and we have to remind ourselves of that quite often. She is perfectly healthy and happy.
Thanks, Joe

Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Subject: Pics of Jaesi

Lucy, Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you.

Jaesi is doing great. She will be 15 weeks tomorrow and she is 43 lbs. We are almost done with our puppy training class and she has done very well.

We tried to keep her in her crate at night but after a few weeks of sleeping on the couch just to get some sleep we gave up. She seemed to sleep fine next to us on the floor and wasn’t wandering around so one night we just left her out. We have never had a problem. If we go out during the day we put her in the crate and after a while when she realizes no one is around she calms down.

We left her out during the day one time and learned a very inexpensive lesson. We found out that she was big enough to get on the couch. She cleared off the end tables and chewed up a few pencils and coasters. The biggest scare was the Wii remote control cover. We found half of it but it wasn’t until the next day that she threw up the other half. We were getting ready to call the Vet when it happened.

We don’t allow her on the furniture but we do let her get on the ottoman. It’s very funny because within a few weeks she went from not being able to get on it to hanging over the edge.

I think you will see that she looks alot like Buttercup.

We will keep in touch.

Joe, Sue, Alyson Emily, Isabella and Jaesi