Islay & Cardhu

ISLAY (Madge x Gideon Nov 2005)

Islay (standing) & Cardhu (sitting)

Islay (shown in the font in the photos)

Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Subject: Our American Mastiffs

Hi Fredericka,

Love your new site. I thought I should send you some pictures of Isaly, who is now a little over 2 years old. In some of the photo’s there is another AM with her, 7 year old sister Cardhu. Some of the photos include both Islay and her sister, Cardu. Cardu is seven years old now.

Islay has adjusted very well to life in Ontario and she is hugely popular with the entire neighbourhood. She has turned out to be a lot more athletic than her sister.folks have commented she moves pretty well for a big girl (140lbs) or that she runs like a gazelle.

Thanks again for bringing her into our life and I will be in touch soon to add another addition to our can never have too many American Mastiffs in your life.

Tell Lucy that Islay still recognizes her voice and cocks her head every time! I play the video clip of her as a puppy at Flying W Farm


I also found Islay’s brother on your website Sully, who also resides in Canada..pretty cool!


Rob Julien