Isabelle W

Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2011
Subject: Isabelle

Hello Lucy and Fredericka,
We hope everyone is doing great on the farm. Spring has finally arrived here and we are trying to get out around town more with Isabelle. Isabelle has been the center of attention every time we take her out. We are meeting people everyday who wants to have an American Mastiff of their own. In fact, Ellen has a friend who is coming over tomorrow to meet Isabelle. Her friend is thinking of getting an American Mastiff and just learned that we got Isabelle from you. We took Isabelle to Zach’s baseball game the other day where she was definitely the center of attention. Not many people around here have heard of the American Mastiff but to my surprise at the baseball game a guy came right out and asked if she was an American Mastiff. He had done lots of research on the breed and was very excited to see a American in person. Everyone we see says she’s a beautiful dog. We have to agree without question. She is a wonderful addition to our family. Grace and her play a lot, more than we thought they would. Lots of intervention happening. Isabelle is eating great and gets lots of great reviews from the vet. Isabelle is halfway through her first puppy training. We are taking her to the best rated dog trainer here in Maine, Wag It! She will perhaps someday do the test for Isabelle if we do decide to do therapy training. She plays well with the other dogs who are more than half her size. Again, we hope everyone is doing well on the farm and we will continue to send updates.

Keith and Ellen

Left to right; Ellen, Zack, Keith (Isabelle, the puppy) and Fredericka
Isabelle and her little puggle friend named Gracie

Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Subject: Isabelle’s vet visit

Hello Fredericka and Lucy,
Isabelle had a great visit to the vets. They are very impressed with her and said that she is in perfect health with no signs of stress. She weighs 24.6 pounds and counting. They were also impressed with her curiosity without intrusiveness. She is very gentle with her manners and accepts treats graciously. She also was a perfect lady; calm reserved and didn’t mind these new people handling her. (Once she got over the “new place” factor. She snuggled against me until she was comfortable) We are truly fortunate to
have her and are enjoying every minute. She wants to make it through the night with no outside trips and will go from ten till five without a break. Although she doesn’t have much time from getting up and going out. It takes her a little while to wake up, it’s pretty comical. Watching her and Grace is quite entertaining, Grace stays quite busy with this puppy, showing her her place. Have a great day and will talk to you soon.

Warm Regards,
Keith and Ellen