Son of Duke and Buttercup

Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2010
Subject: Henry- Son of Duke and Buttercup (17 weeks old)

Hello Fredricka and Lucy-

Henry is doing really well. He’s adjusted to city life in Washington, DC really well. He has three mastiff friends in the neighborhood. It takes us a long time to get anywhere- people are stopping us constantly. He’s got a lot of fans and loves all of them! He is about 52 lbs at 16 weeks. He and Rocco (our 3 yr old mutt) love playing together. Here are a range of pictures from when we first brought him home to now. Feel free to post these if you would like!

#1 Henry on his way to DC from Ohio #2 Henry asleep in his baby bed at 9 weeks #3 Henry at about 13 weeks on his spot #4 Henry and Rocco playing on Easter weekend #5 Henry, today, asleep in his fav spot by the bed.

Hope everything is well!
-Melissa, Doug, Rocco and Henry