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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011
Subject: Re: Hank (Penny? X Nigel)


It has been a while since we sent you any info on Hank or Xenobia, so I’m sending an email with pictures so you can update both their webpages.

Hank continues to do very well. He is loved by everyone in our neighborhood, and turns heads whenever we are out walking. We haven’t weighed him in a few months, but he is due for his shots in March, so we will take him in then. The last time we took him in for weighing he was 185 lbs, so I’m guessing now he weighs close to 190 lbs. As Hanks recall is very good, and Xenobia doesn’t stray far when at a dog park, we took them both to Trout Lake. This was Hank’s first trip to the lake, and unlike X who loves the water, we really didn’t know if Hank would stay on land or be a waterbaby. Well, as you can see from the pics he had so problems with the water. The minute Rick popped his leash he made a beeline for the water, and didn’t come out once the whole hour+ we were there. Unfortunately we have now discovered that when he’s in the water his recall disappears. ;0) The next time we go back we will have to take the 15 ft training leash with us and clip him to it just until he comes out when called. I didn’t get a really good pic to show it, but sometimes he would go out deep into the water and play with rocks and grass on the lake bed, and sometimes he would go the the really goopy, muddy area of the shoreline and dig into it kicking up clumps of mud and water on unwary dogs, much to the amusement of other dog owners.

Yesterday we also had some snow (about 6 inches) and although it rained from about 10am on we had a chance to take them out first thing and go play in the local schoolyard which is only a few blocks away. Hank loved trying to catch snowballs. Unlike Xenobia, Hank actually does know how to fetch, and does enjoy retrieving a stick or ball. Don’t worry though we only allow him to do it 2 or 3 times, and not everyday so as not to put stress on his joints.

I don’t know if you want to post it, but I am attaching a before pic of Hank ( the one you sent to us) where he only weighed about 135 lbs, and a now pic taken yesterday so you can see how much muscle he has developed in this lasty year. I also don’t have a good shot from the front, but he now has a wide solid chest instead of the deep sunken space he had between his forelegs.

Rick and Maria O.

From: Richard
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Subject: Re: Hank


Here are some pics for a Hank web page. He is getting along very well with Xenobia.
Everyone that has met him so far has absolutely fallen in love with him, and for the brief period of time we had him with Xenobia at the off leash park (we took him on leash so he could meet all X’s friends) he was very friendly and you could see he wanted to play. We will continue to keep you updated.