Gus S

Son of Brego and Calliope
Born December 17, 2015

On 4/16/2019 5:33 PM, judd wrote:
Hi, Lucy!!!! 🙂

Gus is doing really well. He completed his two obedience classes.
Gus is 3 1/2 and weighs about 210. Gonna start training for Canine Good Citizen soon!
God Bless you and all at the Flying W!

On Jul 18, 2016, at 5:52 PM, Mary wrote:

Hi, Lucy! ( this is Judd)

Our little fella - " a dark fawn" was born dec 17 - our family of 5 came to get him ( remember , the one with the tall boys?)

We all just love this dog! He is going everywhere with us, and getting good socialization. He loves ice cubes and Lake Michigan. Gus is very good with children, people in general, joggers, bikes, moms' with strollers, etc. The vet wants to put him on their website and the library wants to have him be their mascot! He weighs about 120# and the vet says he is in great shape. Gus has completed Puppy School and will start Obedience 1 &2 - about 24 weeks of training. We plan to continue beyond with more work. I think he would be a great Therapy Dog.

And Thank You for giving us such a wonderful Dog!

God Bless you and all at the Flying W !

- Judd, Mary, Jessica, Luke, Jarrett, and GUS!