Gracie S2Gracie S 2

Daughter of Neil-2 and Allie
Born in 2004

From: Michael
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Subject: Pictures of Gracie

Lucy and Fredericka

We got Gracie from you in December 2004 (Parents are Neil-2 and Allie) and feel very lucky to have such an amazing companion.

She just turned 5 years old in October and is very healthy and happy. Our 3 year old son and Gracie are inseparable. We both have been dog owners but nothing compares to this breed. They are specials creatures. My wife calls Gracie my tail, as I cannot go anywhere in the house without her being right behind me. We can’t thank you enough for this amazing dog.

Warmest Regards,
Michael, Karen, Noah and Gracie