Gracie K.

Ben Sara and Sweet George

Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010
Subject: Gracie (by Ben Sara and Sweet George)

Dear Lucy and Fredericka,
It has been a while but I wanted to send you some “before” and after (as of this month) of Gracie at 7 months. She is a wonderful addition to our family and although she has her “puppy” moments, she is calm, loving and protective with us and the children. We took her with us this summer to a family reunion at my brother’s lake house in Indiana. Gracie was the hit of the party and everyone wanted to be with her. This was the first time she had been near water. Although initially she was leery of the lake, she soon got over it and was romping in the water, barking and biting at the wakes. Gracie started her obedience classes in July and was able to demonstrate how very smart she was (more so in my opinion than any other dog there, but I am a little biased). I have attached a copy of her certificate of completion. She was scheduled for her spay this week, but the veterinarian had to cancel due to illness, so we are on the schedule again for this coming Wed. After she has had time to recouperate, we are starting the next round of obedience training in November. We are so pleased with our choice of this breed and have found Gracie to be everything we were told she would be. She is an imposing presence on our front porch and enjoys sitting in our elevated planter behind the evergreens to watch the activity on the street and occasionally bark at a dog here or there. I believe she thinks she is hidden, but her head sticks out well above the top of the bushes! We live across the street from a large park and we take Gracie there for walks on a daily basis. We don’t get to walk consistently as we are always stopping to answer questions about the breed, the breeder and for people to admire Gracie. I have even had people stop their cars on the street to tell me what a great looking dog she is. We think Gracie is the most beautiful dog there is too.

All our best,
Beth, David, Liam, Ronan and Nora