GertrudeGertrude W.

Kaci & Malachi Born February 02, 2009

Sent: Sunday, November 21, 2010
Subject: Update on Gertrude – Kaci / Malachi litter 2-1-2009

Good afternoon Lucy and Fredericka. Hope all is going well for you and yours. It’s been a while since our last update and Gertrude and I are doing great.

Gert’s growth seems to have plateaued over the summer at about 140 pounds. It’s humorous seeing others people’s reactions to her size since, after watching her grow, she doesn’t seem big to me.

Gert loves to meet new people and go for rides in the truck. I got her a pair of Doggles to protect her eyes while riding in the truck. Judging to the number of photos being taken and the smiles on peoples faces, she seems to be a bright spot in the days of the people who see her.

As enjoyable as it is taking Gertrude out and about, the quite (and sometimes not so quite) times are home equally special. I get a kick out of watching her work a hidden treat out of a toy or when something on the TV grabs her attention and the joy she has noisily crunching a soda bottle or squeaking a chew toy is infectious.

Since the last update we’ve had the opportunity to attend a few events. Back in April we met up some friends from the American Mastiff Family Forum and participated in the Dogswalk for Cancer befitting the American Cancer Society. The five AM’s in our group were one their best behavior as we strolled through Charlotte with the other 600 dogs and 1000 people in attendance. The AM portion of our team (as shown in the attached pic) included Terri & Jeff with Maximus (Orion Farms), Barbara & Mike with Jazz and Bueller (both from Orion Farms), Mercer and Angus (Sycamore Creek), and Gertrude & I. It was great to meet everyone and their pups.

In March we attended a Charlotte Checkers hockey game and in May we attended a Kannapolis Intimidators baseball game as part of their “Bark in the Bark” promotions. We had a lot of fun at both events. I’ve included a pic from the baseball game.

In September we went to an outdoor concert at the National Whitewater Center. Gert really seemed to enjoy watching the rafts and kayaks out on the whitewater course and got lots of comments from the riders when we watched from a slow section. She didn’t quite know what to think of the people flying through the air at the jump tower.

In October we attended our second Barktoberfest (also befitting the ACS). Gert wasn’t phased in the least by all the people and pups in costumes and soaked up any attention sent her way. Although it was a lot of work early on exposing her to different things, it’s paid off may times over by having a pup who can confidently be taken anywhere without fear of incident.

Gert’s a joy to be around and makes me smile every day.

Y’all have a great holiday season and a great 2011.


From: Matthew W
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Subject: Gertrude Update

Good afternoon Lucy. I hope things are going great for you and everyone at the farm. It’s hard to believe that Gertrude is already a year old. It seems like a few weeks ago that I was at the farm picking her up.

Gerdy is doing great. So far we’ve taken two courses of obedience training and look forward to taking more classes. She loves going for rides in the truck and has never met a stranger.

I’ve included pics from the last update through her first birthday. Quite a few of the pics show her laying or sleeping on the couch. My girl loves her sleep. I also included a pic of her with her safety harness/seat belt on ready to hit the road. There are pics taken in uptown Charlotte where we frequently walk on the weekends (waterfall, “Big Dog”, and in front of the art museum) as well as a pic with Santa, her first snow, Christmas with her football, and her first birthday with her cake.

As I mentioned earlier, things are going great and Gertrude is an absolute joy to have around the house. As you already know, we along with several other American Mastiffs and their owners from around Charlotte have formed a team to take part in the upcoming Dogswalk Against Cancer benefit for the American Cancer Society. As much fun as Gert has had with the snow, I’m ready for spring to arrive along with the softball games and cruise-ins that it brings.

Take care,

Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009
Subject: Gertrude – born 2009-02-01 to KACI AND MALACHI

Fredericka and Lucy,

Good evening. I’ve included pics of Gertrude from the day Dad and I picked her up through earlier today.

We love her.