George G

Son of Brego and Kaci II

Hi Fredericka and Lucy,

A quick update on how things are going with George . He has turned into our dream dog. He is so incredibly well behaved, smart and just a great additional to our family.

He is a little over 4 and half months now and around 65 pounds. The vet and staff love him. One tech assistant even had to have a picture taken with him to show her husband. Our vet said he was the healthiest and biggest he’s ever seen and was floored to hear that he won’t drool as much as an E-Mastiff.

He’s started puppy classes and is of course the largest puppy in the group. He is also the calmest and smartest – of course I have to say that since he is our pup :>) It’s hilarious watching him in the class because he’s so calm and relaxed that he literally falls asleep while the instructor is talking. My husband continuously has to wake him up to do the training exercises. There was one exercise wHere the instructor tries to lure him away with yummy treats and we have to call him back. It took only one time and the instructor could not get him to come to her again. They tried at least 3 times with no luck, wow!

We also just went to the beach and he loved it. He ran around on the sand in water for hours. I figured he would stop and rest for awhile, but he just wanted to be with us and have fun the whole time. By the time we could back to the house, he slept for at least 6 hours straight. We also found that his favorite chewies are sticks, branches, mulch…anything wood item he can get his teeth in. He has to walk past our front door which has flowers and mulch on the right side and it never fails, every single time we walk back to the house, no matter how hard I try, he always finds a large chunk of mulch to chew on. Too funny. George is just a great dog from top to bottom. Even my parents are always surprised how quite and relaxed he is. They were a little worried since they are in their 70’s and would not be able to handle a large puppy and they were literally “Wowed” by how sweet he is with them.

The pictures are from the first two days when we picked him up. We will never forget our trip, it was a wonderful experience for our family with George, snow and everything :>) I’ll send updated pictures as soon as I can get them off my camera. George does not look like the little puppy in those pictures anymore, he is our big boy!

I just wanted to send you guys a quick hello and an update and to say thank you for letting us add George to our family. He is truly an amazing dog and great representative of A-Mastiffs. Thanks again so much for George and we will be sure to keep in touch and let you know how things are going.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Gordons