Gabby is the youngest fawn female with black mask; the other fawn is a lab named Pippa, 7 yrs old.
The black lab is Cady, she is 10 years. The big brindle is also mastiff..two years old. All are females.

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Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2007
Subject: Gabby

I wanted to update ya’ll on Gabby. She is great! She is very well behaved and so, so sweet. She and our other 3 dogs are like peas and carrots; they get along so well. She’s a very happy and healthy pup. She is growing so fast, too. She’s 5 months and a week and weighs in at 58 lbs! We love her so much! She hasn’t been spayed yet, but has an appointment in November. She’s growing fast and she’s a GREAT dog!