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Subject: More Freya pics 🙂
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011
From: Heather

Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Subject: Freya!

Hi Fredrica and Lucy!
Freya is doing great! She is now four and a half months old and is currently around 76 pounds! She has claimed the other end of the couch I sit on in the evenings as her favorite spot, unless she gets “yelled” at for playing too rough with Toby, then she goes to pout on her bed! lol

Last week I called PetSmart and asked how much it would be to get her bathed and her nails done. The girl asked me how old she was and I told her four and a half months old BUT she is a mastiff puppy. She told me that was fine and said since she was still under five months, she would only be 10.99! They had an opening and I took it. When I got there, Freya and I waited in the corner for our turn and the girl behind the counter asked me who I had. I told her and she got a very confused look on her face. She told me she would get the girl that was grooming Freya. When the girl came out she said “So, she is four months old?” I told her yes that she would be five months old on the 21st. Then the girl started looking at her and asking me all kinds of questions about temperament and health, etc. Then out of the blue, she takes Freya by the snout and pulls her lips back and says “You are a puppy! There are still puppy teeth in there!” In typical Freya fashion, Freya responded with a big mastiff kiss to the face! She became a huge hit and when I picked her up they told me “Please bring her back….tomorrow!”

I wanted to ask your opinion on when to spay her. The vet’s office wanted to do the surgery this month. I’m just afraid that she is a little young to have the surgery. My other dogs were five to six months before they were scheduled and I just don’t want to rush her. I posted on the forum and the one breeder suggested I ask about the average age that Freya’s line goes into heat. Also, I have been reading up on the stomach tacking. Do you recommend this?

I appreciate the information!

Here are some updated photos! We were so excited to see Freya and Toby on the web site! I hadn’t gone on in a while and it was a pleasant surprise!

Heather H.

Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Subject: Freya

Hi Lucy and Frederica!!

Just wanted to give you an update on my “little” angel! She has done fantastic! Never in my life have I had a pup that was sweeter or easier to train. She had her second vet appointment and passed with flying colors!! The vet that checked her was one I hadn’t seen before and has always had English Mastiffs so he was knowledgable in giant breeds and the mastiff breeds in general. He said she had a great build and that her hips and joints looked great. Lucy, you would have been proud, when he was checking her belly she thought she was getting a belly rub and laid on her back with her legs relaxed and let him do whatever! She still loves her belly rubs!! We have worked on short walks around our house daily and she has been doing great. She had her first outing to the soccer field and I could not have been more proud! I heard comments about how beautiful she was (of course!!) but most importantly I can’t tell you how many people commented on how well behaved that she was. She greeted people on all fours and behaved nicely. She did not pull to get to anything or anyone (including the kids playing soccer!) And most impressive, if I stopped to talk to someone she simply laid down at my feet or sat beside me. She is definitely going to be a big girl!! She weighed in at a minute 41 pounds at 12 weeks old! She can “sit” (thanks mama Lucy for starting that one!), “down”, give her paw when asked and do the “puppy push ups’ (sit, down, sit). We are still working on the house training thing but over all she hasn’t had too many accidents and is completely kennel trained. She starts “kindergarten” on October 2nd. I’m sure she will be the top of her class.

I have attached a photo and please feel free to post whatever I send you.

Will send more pics soon!