(The photos above are Foster, a full grown mastiff at age four years)

March 28, 2004

Hi Fredericka,

I just took these pictures outside with Foster. I got one with his favorite ball I was telling you about.

You didn’t tell me if you still had a waiting list for your puppies? I see you have so many new pictures on your site, it’s great to see all your dogs. My girls love to look at the other American Mastiffs people have.

Again let me know how long that list is and perhaps we can be new owners of another American mastiff in our family?



Foster & Elizabeth (she was just four years old then)

Hi Fredericka,

Just so you know this was Foster when he was a puppy. I have been meaning to write and tell you that he is doing great and at just over 4 years old weighs in at 150 pounds. he did not get as big as his Dad Ben but I think looks just like his Mom. He is a great dog and friend to us all. Not a problem with anything with him. We are out in Michigan if you remember and he loves the snow and plays with his ball that is that hard plastic filled with water and this has been his favorite thing since he was a puppy. Although, I think it’s time for a new one because he carries this one in his mouth somehow? He just loves running around. He has many friends in our neighborhood and the kids around just love him and think he is the coolest dog. Foster loves to go out and explore on his walks and sleeps & snores after. He is one of the best decisions we ever made. I will send you a new picture of him as well. He is gorgeously handsome.

I was interested to hear if you still have a waiting list for your puppies? When you might expect one etc. I know I would love to have another one and thought I would just touch base with you and see first.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Kelly M