Robin x Gideon 2010

Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Subject: Re: Ferdinand (Robin x Gideon)

Hi Lucy!
Ferdinand is doing wonderful! He’s 8 months now and he’s already 115 lbs! He’s a big boy! He’s honestly one of the best breed of dog we’ve ever had. He’s loving, affectionate and loyal. He and our Husky Montana are getting along well. Our boy is becoming famous as he recently had a photo shoot the other day. Here’s one of his best pictures. He loves flowers more than anything else. He truly is his namesake.

Thank you Lucy for checking up on us. He’s been a great addition to our family. We definitely plan on getting another American Mastiff in 3-4 years. We love this breed. As soon as we get more pictures back from his photo shoot, we’ll send them to you.

Thanks again! Kenton

Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Subject: Re: Ferdinand (Robin x Gideon)

Hi Lucy
Here’s some other pictures we took of Ferdinand so that you can really get a sense of how big he is now as well as older pictures of his first Christmas and first snow in Texas! Also forgot to mention, he graduated for PetSmart puppy school and intermediate school already! He’s going to the advanced classes

starting in May. Our goal is to make Ferdinand a therapy dog and take him to children’s hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We think he’d be great at this!

Thanks again,

We wanted to send you an update on Ferdinand. He’s 9 weeks right now and he’s doing so well. We are working on bell training for potty breaks, and he’s already mastered “stay” and has almost got “sit” but we have some more work to do on “come.” Ferdinand is absolutely in love with our Husky Montana and follows him everywhere and has even been picking up on his bad habits! For example, Montana will sit next to us when we’re eating at the table hoping for table scraps and there’s his little brother doing the same thing but obviously doesn’t know why. Ferdinand has also mastered going up the stairs, but coming down is a completely different story. We’re in love with him already and he may be the cutest puppy we’ve ever owned.

He’s even become a Texas Rangers fan just in time for their first
World Series. Go Rangers!

Thanks again,
The Murthy Family