Duke A

Ralph X Taffy
Born January 20, 2004

Duke snuggling with Ethan
Here’s Duke snuggling with Ethan watching Saturday morning cartoons.
He’s not quite one year old yet. This picture was taken the first week of January 2005
This is my favorite picture in the world!!
It shows you how much Duke loves Ethan!!
He is the sweetest dog!!
Nathalie A. (Ethan and Chelsey’s Mom)

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007
Subject: RE: Duke (Ralph & Taffy)

Hi Fredericka,

Hard to believe he is 3 1/2 years old already! But yet, it seems we’ve always had him. My husband and I don’t remember how it was before Duke. We just can’t imaging life without him. He is a gentle soul. The kids adore him. When Duke was a puppy, our daughter wanted Duke to sleep with her all the time. Now, she complains she has no room in the bed. Ha! ha! But yet, she won’t kick him out of bed…she just snuggles with him. And he let’s her, even when it’s warm!! When we go for a walk with Duke, people in the neighborhood are so amazed that he so well behaved and so gentle. It is amazing when you think about it.



March 2007
Here is Duke, with his favorite Kong, waiting on top of the stairs for Daddy
A boy and his dog.
What a photo!!
Duke snuggling with his sister Chelsey
Duke is about 6 to 7 month old
Duke March 2005
Here is Duke (1 year & 2 months), ready to go out for a walk. But since it was so cold out, we decided to put my husband’s fleece shirt on him. He’s quite the fashion god!!
Here is Duke graduating from level one training. He is basically the only one sitting still! Boy, did he ever love playing with the other dogs at break time!! He was 10 month old in this picture. Look how handsome he is!!!
Duke Christmas card 2004
Here he is with Santa!!
Remember he’s not one year old yet!
Duke’s first Christmas (2004)
What a good boy he is!! Never went near the tree!
But when we handed him his present to open.
Well, lets just say, he didn’t waste anytime!!
Duke at the end of May 2004, 5 months old
Yawning 7 to 8 weeks old