Delilah Belle
Canine Good Citizen

Hannah x Gideon
Certified Canine Good Citizen

Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Subject: RE: Delilah

Lucy and Fredericka,
I wanted to provide an update to you. We LOVE Delilah Belle! She is doing great. the vet says she is very healthy. We have her trained as a therapy dog with the Bright and Beautiful organization and she is a certified canine good citizen. Delilah Belle is able to enrich the lives of people at nursing homes who need cheering up. She is loves to cuddle and keeps a watch on the house. Since we got her, my wife gave birth to two beautiful and health twin girls on 12/16/10. Delilah Belle loves to smell the girls and gives the soft kisses on the cheeks or ears. While we feed the girls she comes in and peaks her head over the crib and then lays down in the room with us until feeding is done. If we leave the house with the girls we bring the girls inside in their baby carriers and place them on the floor. Delilah Belle runs over and checks out both girls and makes sure they are ok with a quick kiss. Please see the attached picture which you may use with our permission as a reference family on your website!