Dakota M

Born: May 18, 2011
Dixie Ann and Neil III (SUMA)

Subject: Dakota M
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015
From: Mary M
To: flyingw@bright.net

Hi Lucy & Fredericka!

It’s been three years since we picked up Dakota and I thought I’d send you a quick note and some pictures to let you know how she is doing. To say she is well loved would be an understatement!

We could not be happier with her. She has the most beautiful personality and loves everyone she meets. Dakota is also a very snuggly dog and loves nothing more than to be laying right up against us. She does seem to forget how big she is, though, and tends to sit on us instead of next to us at times! Dakota is truly a closer-is-better type of dog! She has maintained a healthy 150lb weight so I think it’s safe to say she’s done growing. The vet bills are virtually non-existent other than her annual checkups. The vet is very pleased with her health and we give you credit for excellent breeding and fantastic puppy advice. And true to your word, drooling is not an issue so to everyone out there who wants a Mastiff but doesn’t want the slobber, the American Mastiff is perfect. Dakota tends to draw people to her mainly due to her size and sweet personality, so we have had plenty of opportunities to tell people about your amazing breed. Thank you for allowing us to bring one of your cherished puppies into our life. We’ve even tossed around the idea of adopting another, so if we decide to go ahead with that we will let you know.

Best wishes to you,

Lou, Mary, Taylor and Dakota M

Subject: Dakota M
Date: January 2, 2012
From: Mary M

Hi Lucy and Fredericka,
Wanted to send you some new photos of Dakota for your website. She’s doing very well. We’re not sure how much she weighs exactly but she’s definitely over the 100 lb mark. One of these days she’ll grow into her paws! Dakota is such a sweetie and quite funny when she wants lovin’. If you’re sitting on the ground she’ll walk in front of you, back up, and sit in your lap so that you’ll hug her and pet her. She seems to always be standing on our foot, leaning against us, or just standing in front of us blocking our way so we have no choice but to pet her! And we are always more than happy to do so!

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and enjoy a fantastic New Year!

Lou, Mary, Taylor and Dakota

August 29, 2011

Hi Lucy and Fredericka,
We cannot say enough about how wonderful Dakota is and how much we appreciate all your help whenever we call with questions.

My goodness, you were right, she’s growing fast! On July 18th – at 2 months old – she was 27 lbs. She turned 3 months old on August 18th and weighed in at 46 lbs! And every person that meets her says, ‘wow, her feet are huge!’ – and they really are! Something tells us she’s gonna be closer to her Daddy’s weight than her Mommy’s – which is really awesome!

As you can see, she loves to cuddle – which we may not appreciate as much when she’s 200 lbs!!!!! But really, how can you resist snuggling up to that face? She’s just the most lovable puppy!

Lou, Mary, Taylor and Dakota

Hi Lucy and Fredericka,
Just wanted to let you know how well Dakota is doing!
She has been a sweetheart from the moment we drove the 6.5 hrs home to New York and she slept the entire way! Dakota has filled the hole in our hearts from the passing of our Golden and we couldn’t be more pleased.

She makes us laugh on a daily basis, either by playing in her indoor pool (a.k.a. her water dish) or taking “long” walks and then collapsing on the lawn in exhaustion (a.k.a. one round trip across the front lawn!) If we throw the ball for her sometimes she’ll go chasing after it and sometimes she’ll look at us like, “well, you threw it, you go get it”!

Right now she’s afraid of other dogs so we’ll be enrolling her in socializing classes as soon as her shots are up-to-date. Humans, however, are her FAVORITE! She even chosen our elderly neighbor as her boyfriend – if he’s on the other side of the stockade fence she’ll cry until we bring her over to see him!

Her last weigh-in at 2 months was 27 lbs – we’ll see how much she’s grown at her next appt on Aug 16th. She turns 11 weeks old tomorrow and she has gotten so tall! Definitely takes after her Daddy!

We are so pleased to have found you and the Flying W Farms!

Lou, Mary and Taylor